How to Stay Ahead of Kitchen Trends on a Budget

The home remodeling industry is built on coming up with new and interesting ideas trends and designs to tempt you into buying new appliances and accessories, if not a whole kitchen.  However, it is not in most of our budgets to remodel our kitchen every couple of years as trends change.  However, it is better to go with a neutral style for the kitchen that will always remain fashionable featuring natural materials and neutral colors, while using trendy accents.

It seems impossible to keep your appliances up with the trends, but by replacing appliance panels, you can do just that.  If your appliance’s manufacturer doesn’t have replacement panels for your model, you can still purchase Instant Stainless to recover you dishwasher or fridge.  Appliance art also has many patterns and styles to choose from to keep them up to date.

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Tired of Handprints in Your Kitchen?

Stainless Steel appliances look sleek and modern, until they are used.  The most annoying thing about stainless is it shows every smudge and handprint, especially if you have children.  However, it is not entirely feasible to replace your appliance in order to avoid cleaning them daily.  But what else are you to do?

You can replace the panels of many newer dishwasher models, as long as the manufacturer has them in stock.  Otherwise, there are numerous patterns and colors available at Appliance Art that are cheap and easy to apply.  I suggest using solid colors that are good at hiding handprints.  Brighter colors such as red, blue, and green are trendy right now, however classic colors such as black or white might be better.  You also can direct your child’s smudgery towards an Instant Chalkboard surface.  I found our dishwasher is the perfect size and height for our 3 yr old to color on and keep away from the fridge.

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